US Secretary John Kerry To visit to Tipperary

US Secretary of State and Democratic Party politician Mr John Kerry is expected to pay an official visit to Tipperary shortly, where he will collect the Tipperary International Peace Prize, in person.

us-secretary-of-state-john-kerrySecretary Mr Kerry was awarded the peace prize in 2015 for his work on a global basis in bringing about an end to conflicts in many countries e.g. Iran, Afghanistan and South China, but most particularly his work in Syria which led to the destruction of Syria’s declared chemical weapons.

Mr Kerry was also recognised for the establishment of the International Syria Support group; a network of over 20 countries which continue to work together to find a political solution to end the present Syrian conflict.

Mr Kerry has already informed the Tipperary Peace Convention that he is truly honoured to be listed among the remarkable past recipients who have contributed so much to the cause of creating a more peaceful world.

Former Winners of the Tipperary International Peace Prize
Former winners of the Tipperary International Peace Prize include former South African President and late Mr Nelson Mandela;  former US President Mr Bill Clinton; former Prime Minister of Lebanon, the late Mr Rafic Hariri; Afghan Human Rights Activist, Dr Sima Samar; former Prime Minister of Pakistan and late Mrs Benazir Bhutto; US Ambassador Mrs Jean Kennedy Smith and her brother the late Mr Ted Kennedy; Pakistani schoolgirl and Nobel Laureate M/s Malala Yousafzai; American Diplomat Dr Richard Haass and last year’s recipient, UN Secretary General Mr Ban Ki Moon.

Noted past Irish winners have included former President Mrs Mary McAleese and her husband Mr Martin McAleese, as well as musician and ‘Live Aid’ organiser Mr Bob Geldof.

The Secretary of the Tipperary Peace Convention, Mr Martin Quinn, has stated that his committee are thrilled that Mr Kerry will accept his award in person.


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