National Fire Safety Week 2016 – Oct 3rd To Oct 10th

National Fire Safety Week 2016, runs from tomorrow, Monday 3rd October to Monday 10th October 2016.

The theme of this year’s awareness week is “Stop Fire – Working Smoke Alarms Save Lives.”

During this Fire Safety Week; two question you should ask yourself:-
(1) Do you have smoke alarms fitted presently?
(2) Is your already fitted smoke alarm in good working order?

smoke-alarmRemember a working smoke alarm will warn you and possibly save your life if there is an outbreak of fire in your home. Do remember that your sense of smell does not work when you are asleep and smoke can assist in putting you into an even deeper sleep, possibly, (God forbid), permanently.

Persons with Impaired Hearing
For those residents particularly those living alone who suffer from impaired hearing, they will, for the most part, not hear the audible warning given off by standard smoke alarms, especially since they are unlikely to be wearing a hearing aid at night.  However; it needs reminding to all that there are smoke alarm systems available on the market, that effectively use strobe lights or vibrating pads, to alternatively alert these same individuals of the danger of a fire in their home.

Time to Test Existing Installations
This week is the perfect opportunity to test your existing Smoke Alarm. Same may be tested in most cases by pressing the ‘test button’ on your current system, pressing same with the handle tip end of your average floor brush. Best whether needed or not to replace the batteries once a year in standard alarms, or always as soon as you hear the warning beep. Do vacuum the smoke alarms regularly and wipe the cover, since censers can get clogged with dust, cobwebs etc, thus often resulting in their failure to operate properly.

Those who have 10 year smoke alarms will need to replace the whole alarm after the 10 years have expired. Smoke alarms can be found available at most Thurles Home DIY & Hardware Stores.

Be ‘Safe’ Rather than ‘Sorry’
Every home should have at least one smoke alarm for each floor. Fit them between your sleeping areas and your kitchen and living rooms. Best to have one in the hallway at ground floor level and one at each upper level, on landings. For a truly enhanced level of protection, you should consider fitting alarms in your living rooms and kitchen, in bedrooms used by vulnerable people, or in bedrooms where there is a television or other electrical appliance, e.g. a computer left plugged in.

Always position smoke alarms at ceiling level and in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Do play your part during National Fire Safety Week; it could save your life in the very near future!


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