Marlstone Investments Ltd To Challenge Revenue

CorbettThe popular licensed hostelry business of former Tipperary left corner-forward hurling star Mr Lar Corbett; trading as Marlstone Investments Ltd, will contest a Revenue Commissioners charge that it had spirits for sale on which the correct alcohol tax allegedly had not been paid.

Marlstone Investments Ltd, of which Mr Corbett is just one of the directors and whose Registered Address is “Lar Corbett’s Bar at Coppinger’s, No.4 Parnell Street, Thurles, Co. Tipperary”, will strongly contest a single charge brought by the Revenue Commissioners, contrary to Section 79 (2) of the Finance Act, 2003.

This single allegation contends that on or about January 29th 2015, at Coppinger’s Pub, Parnell Street, Thurles, there were “for sale or delivery specific alcohol products, to wit 16.1 litres of spirits, on which the appropriate rate of tax had not been paid”.

When the case was called at Thurles District Court yesterday Judge Elizabeth MacGrath was told that there appeared to be some confusion over the current proceedings. State Solicitor Miss Michelle O’Connell, said it was her understanding from the previous Court sitting, during May last, that the case remained simply as one to be “finalised today”.

Counsel representing Marlstone Investments Ltd stated that a ‘not guilty plea’ was now being entered and the matter would be contested in full.  Judge MacGrath confirmed that since no formal plea had been previously entered, Marlstone Investments Ltd were fully within their rights to enter a ‘not guilty’ plea and contest the present charge.

The case has now been set by Judge MacGrath for a further hearing, before Thurles District Court, on September 20th next.


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