Farming Officially Most Dangerous Occupation

tipp-farmingAccording to figures from the Health & Safety Authority (HSA), overall 55 people died in Irish work-related incidents in 2015.

It is now official; Ireland’s most dangerous occupation is currently farming, however nationally in 2015, the number of farm related deaths fell by some 40%.

In total nationally, 18 people lost their lives through agriculture related accidents last year, with two such deaths accounted for sadly in Co. Tipperary. This same number compares nationally to 30 the number of farm related death recorded in 2014.

Co Cork recorded the highest number of work-related deaths in 2015, followed by Donegal with 6 and Galway with a total of 5 fatalities.

Recorded nationally as having died while working in the construction industry are 11 people, while 5 lost their lives while working in the fishing sector.

Occupational related deaths involving the use of vehicles were the main cause of fatal accidents and accounted for 21 deaths nationally recorded.


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