Road Flooding Expected For Thurles Area

Tipperary County Council are advising people to take extreme care when deciding to travel by road over tonight and in the days ahead, with a particular focus on flooding which is most likely to occur in many areas of the county.


River Suir levels – Local flooding expected due to unrelenting rainfall today and expected to continue in the days ahead.

Mr Marcus O’Connor, Director of Services for Roads, Health and Safety, has warned that people should not take unnecessary journeys and should take care not to park motor vehicles in areas where flooding has been known to manifest itself in the past.

Already serious flooding exists on many minor roads around the Thurles area, with extreme care required on Mill Road (Area joining the N62 junction and opposite the Archerstown Industrial Estate) and the back road to Loughmore entering from the Bohernamona Road in Thurles.

Under these weather conditions Aquaplaning or Hydroplaning can easily occur.  The tires of a road vehicle or other wheeled vehicle can build a layer of water between the wheels of the vehicle and the actual road surface. This in turn can lead to a loss of traction that prevents the vehicle from responding to normal input, so please do considerably reduce your speed on all minor roads in particular.

The Portumna/Borrisokane road (N65) on the Carrigahorig side of Portumna remains closed due to flooding and there are fears that the road at Portumna Bridge may be also closed, if Met Éireann’s predicted weather forecast truly materialises.

Consistent unrelenting rains over the past 24 hours here in Co. Tipperary have led to water levels rising on both Lough Derg and the River Suir, to the extent that both could prove to be potentially problematic later today and in the days ahead.

Safety Note: Don’t forget to squeeze your brake pedal slowly a few times; having passed through large water puddles.


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