Seasonal Carols From ‘Monks’ In Liberty Square


Seasonal Music from the ‘Monks’

Frequenters of that most traditional of Tipperary drinking establishments ‘The Monks‘, located in Mitchel Street, Thurles, will be in Liberty Square today, Saturday 19th Dec 2015.

Patrons of the Monks public house are well known for their rendition of magnificent live music and ballads, so it is not surprising at this time of year that they should emerge from their hallowed, favoured, watering hole to bring festive cheer to Thurles town centre, during this Christmas period.

The Monks Choir can be found performing outside of Tesco today, singing Christmas Carols and collecting funds for local charities, which we all know desperately need our support so much; particularly at this time of year.

If you miss them today, not to worry, they will be performing outside the A.I.B. bank on the following day Sunday Dec. 20th; once again between 2:30pm to 4:30pm.

On their behalf a big thank you to all who gave so generously on previous years and note all moneys collected will be donated to their chosen charities before Christmas.

So do remember to halt awhile, listen in awe and join in, before dropping a little of your loose change into their collection buckets.


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