Seriously Assaulted Tipperary Garda Awarded €156K

GardaA serving member of the Tipperary Garda Traffic Corp, Ms Louise Lordan, aged 41, who was kicked and punched in the head while attempting to arrest known drug users, was awarded almost €156,000 in compensation yesterday.

Justice Mr Bernard Barton stated, during a Garda Compensation hearing in the High Court, that Garda Lordan was still suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and would need to be treated on an ongoing basis in relation to this and continuing dental repairs. In a reserved judgement Justice Barton informed barrister Mr Aidan Walsh SC that the court accepted that Garda Lordan, with an address at Clonmel in Co Tipperary, still remained extremely vulnerable and suffering from deep depression following the incident, which left her unable to return to outside duties.

Back in November of 2007, Garda Lordan, who was a serving member of the Traffic Corps Unit working from Cahir, Co Tipperary, had been patrolling in a car with her colleague and driver, Garda Mark Darmody, when they recognised the drug addict. They had followed the male driver and using sirens and flashing lights attempted to stop his vehicle. But he sped off in an attempt to avoid arrest, driving erratically, forcing other cars from their original route, before eventually colliding with a concrete barrier, causing a front tyre to blow out. The male driver then continued to drive with sparks flying from the vehicle’s wheel rim.

On eventually being forced to stop, a female jumped from the front passenger seat of the vehicle, which led to Garda Lordan giving chase and apprehending the woman; latter who was found to be intoxicated and high on drugs. Her prisoner had became abusive and had struck her heavily on the left hand side of her face with a large over weighted handbag, spitting on her as she made the arrest.

Garda Lordan had then returned to her colleague, who was attempting to arrest the driver of the car. During his arrest the man had punched her several times into the face and had threatened to shoot both her and Garda Darmody.

Because of her injuries Garda Lordan was taken to South Tipperary General Hospital with extensive injuries to her back, shoulder and neck areas. Her face was extremely swollen and she was also found to have three broken teeth, as a result of this incident.


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