Decision On Lowry Trial Application Withheld Until October

Deputy M. LowryAn application to have a trial, involving Tipperary TD Mr Michael Lowry, be moved to Dublin, has been made at Clonmel Circuit Court today.  Council for the State Remy Farrell made the claim that a jury in Co Tipperary could be biased, objectively or subjectively, having given Deputy Lowry their first preference votes during past General Elections.

Mr Lowry stands accused of four charges of knowingly filing incorrect tax returns on separate dates in 2003 and 2007, charges which he fully denies.

Defence Councillor Mr Patrick Treacy today claimed that the whole case against Mr Lowry was tainted with illegalities, pointing out that personal financial details regarding Mr Lowry’s affairs had been possibly leaked to both national and local media, in the days immediately after Revenue officials raided his home.

Clonmel Circuit Court heard the State claim that Mr Lowry had consistently gotten between one-quarter and one-third of the overall North Tipperary electoral vote in recent state elections and that a great number of his loyal voters in North Tipperary, who would make up the future body of jurors, could therefore be biased, thus it would be a manifest injustice to have the trial heard in Co Tipperary.

Mr Lowry’s legal team claimed that their client had no liability for the alleged taxes sought and that this was backed up by two sets of expert accountants. They also stated that the finances, which are the subject of the four charges, are now the subject of an appeal already forwarded to the Revenue Commissioners.

Judge Mr Thomas Teehan has now withheld his decision, on all submissions, until October 2nd next, before Kilkenny Circuit Court.


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