Tipp Mid West Radio 104.8 Visits Thurles

S KingPopular local radio presenter Mr Seamus King, broadcasting on Tipperary Mid West Community Radio, is out and about around Tipperary over the coming weeks visiting the various tourist attractions to be found here in our native Premier County.

Tipperary Mid West Community Radio, as everyone will be aware, aims to inform, educate and entertain, through providing a service dedicated to celebrating local music, sports, culture and that rich heritage contained in our ever diverse and picturesque local communities.

Seamus will be broadcasting from St Mary’s Famine & War Museum here in Thurles, just after 11.00am tomorrow morning, (Friday June 13th 2014) in the first of what we hope will be many  Friday half-hour broadcasts over the coming months which will be featured and highlighted live on air.

So do turn your radio dials to 104.8 FM106.7 FM, beginning tomorrow morning, just after 11.00am to listen to radio’s “The Voice of Tipperary” and over the coming weeks be prepared to learn from Seamus King that there is, and I quote; “a hell of a lot more to be found in our historic haven of Co Tipperary, than that which just simply meets the eye.”

Of course if your radio is out of reach you can always catch this broadcast simply by ‘Live Streaming’ same on your computer at


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