Artillery Shell Found In Tipperary Garden


Corroded Projectile

An old artillery shell has been destroyed by means of a controlled explosion yesterday in Tipperary town.

An Irish Army Bomb Disposal Team have rendered safe an old military projectile, understood to be an old artillery shell, in Tipperary Town yesterday (May 12th).

The suspicious object had been reported by a member of the public to local Gardaí.

The projectile, which was badly corroded, was located in the garden area of a private residence. A number of road closures were put in place and some nearby properties were also evacuated in the interests of safety.

The object was examined in the garden and was identified as an artillery shell before being removed to a secure military area where it was later destroyed by means of a controlled explosion, shortly after 5.00pm.

The Army later confirmed that despite the age and poor condition of the device, it still contained explosive material and therefore did pose a potential threat.

Various explanations as to its origins are rumoured locally, including the fact that same may have been once removed from the Tipperary Military Barracks, built between 1874 & 1878, later to become the headquarters of the 7th. & 8th. Battalions of the Royal Irish Fusiliers between 1914/18.


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