Thurles – New Anner – New Manageress

The Anner Hotel here in Thurles is undergoing a huge facelift at present, as the large brown bear sitting at the reception desk, holding a sign “Bear With Us,” informs its growing daily patrons.

The hotel, as most local people have become aware, was purchased recently, rescued in the nick of time from the arms of uneasy receivership, by brothers and respected property developers Michael, Patrick and Seamus Maher, latter natives of the nearby village of Two-Mile-Borris.


Breda Keane

Already the new owners are demonstrating they mean to do business, installing new management and transforming this, their newly acquired asset, into an establishment that visitors in the future, both local and from further afield, will casually ‘name drop’ in all subsequent conversations.

Already, immediately on arrival, patrons will be pleasantly greeted by the new changes taking place at this ‘jewel in the crown,’ of Thurles accommodation.

The large patron’s free car parking area has been impressively transformed, now forming two lanes of traffic direction and thus offering a much safer vehicle parking enjoined area.

The previously overgrown neglected hedges and sickly decaying trees have been removed, opening up and revealing a previously undiscovered source of new streaming summer light. This rambling boundary has now been replaced with attractive careful substitutions; same fully restored by the planting of new mature evergreen trees of the sculptured triangular garden conifer variety. Note also strategic planting of one of the 70 species of the slow-growing family of ‘Buxaceae,’ commonly known as Box or Boxwood hedging. All new planting is tastefully protected at ground level by new, neat high kerbs and a welcome return to seeded lawn grass areas, replacing where once unattractive, dull and eroded black tarmac reigned supreme.

Clever changes are also evident in the mature secluded Georgian style main garden area, latter whose light and shade continue to remain ‘God’s Gift’ to all wedding photographers and their clientele. Wooden park benches have been tastefully introduced in no particular mathematical pattern, lending themselves to the appearance that same have stood there since the Hanoverian monarchs of the 18th and 19th century once ruled over us. A few strategically placed tables have also been  introduced lending themselves to use by those who require that hour of quiet solitude, to sit and read a newspaper over a cup of coffee, weather permitting.

A welcome fresh coat of paint to the exterior of this building has been completed, while evidence of concern for the future comfort of patrons is also in evidence; with glaziers on site yesterday busy replacing single glass panes in favour of more modern double glazing.

New Manageress
This lady has big brown eyes, her smile is infectious, she is not from Cork, (contrary to misinformed local belief) and her credentials are impeccable. I am speaking of course of M/s Breda Keane, the now newly installed manager at the Anner Hotel, here in Co Tipperary.

The firm friendly handshake I received on my first introduced to Breda, by part owner Michael Maher, should have given me a more informed clue as to her true origins, after all she was wearing a gold Claddagh ring, latter an Irish symbol of loyalty and friendship on her right hand.

Yes Breda is a native of Galway City and indeed not the first Galwegian to ever take up residence here in Tipperary. With a fully recognised third level degree qualification in Hotel Management from Galway, her professional working career to-date spans some 12 years. Now with management experience gleaned from other well respected accommodation venues such as the Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin; Actons Hotel, Kinsale and Orial House Hotel in Cork, our much loved Anner Hotel, Thurles, Co Tipperary appears to be heading from strength to strength.

Welcome to Thurles Breda and may we take this opportunity to wish you every continued success with your professional career.


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