Food Safety Authority Issue Allergen Alert

fsaiIreland’s Food Safety Authority has issued an allergen warning regarding varieties of Slimfast Meal Bars which may have been packed labelled incorrectly and are now subject to a recall by Unilever.

Quality checks have revealed that some bars had been packed in incorrect boxes, thus the allergen information on the boxes, regarding ingredients such as peanuts – wheat – oats and gluten, may not match product description. This could be a health hazard for persons subject to food allergies or food intolerance.

Consumers and product retailers are advised to check the writing on the product wrapper which describes the product content to ensure that same matches the description on the outer carton.

In newspapers today Unilever have published a safety notice urging people who find any mismatch in product description to contact their care line on 1850 419172 and are warning consumers with an allergy to peanuts or gluten, to not eat the bars suspected.

The products named include: Slimfast 4 x Chocolate Crunch Flavour Meal Bar (240g); Slimfast 4 x Chocolate Peanut Flavour Meal Bar (224g); and Slimfast 4 x Summer Berry Flavour Meal Bar (240g).

As many as 4% of children and 8% of adults could have a food allergy.


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