Thurles April 2014 Unemployment CSO Figures

Dole QueueUnemployment levels in Tipperary have fallen for a third month in a row, due mainly to emigration and job seekers moving to reside in Dublin, while actively in search of possible work, their files thus moved to Dublin Unemployment offices for the time being.

Latest CSO figures for Tipperary mirror a drop in overall numbers for the county, but also show unemployment increases in towns such as Nenagh and Roscrea where dole queues have risen by 9 and 25 persons respectively, during the month of April 2014 alone.

These new Live-Register CSO figures however show that over a hundred fewer people signed on in the whole county last month with the biggest decrease indicated in the South of the county; however these reduced unemployment figures do not take into account those who have signed off to return to further education, despite no Government support or financial assistance.

Today’s county breakdown of CSO Unemployment figures calculate that there remains 6,800 unemployed people in North Tipperary and a further 8,400 in South Tipperary; some 15,200 people in total, latter now all receiving some form of unemployment benefit.

Thurles saw what appears to be a significant, yet very deceiving monthly drop to the Live Register of unemployed persons; with a reduction of 48 persons, of which three we are aware have returned, financially unaided, to further education and some 24 have accepted emigrated. It is estimate that most of the remaining 21 others have accepted National Internship Placement Schemes, latter still paid by the taxpayer, but not entered in CSO figures as therefore currently remaining unemployed.

The towns of Cahir and Tipperary Town itself collectively show their Live Register figures for April were only reduced by 4 persons in total for both towns.

Indications on the horizon, also show that neither Taoiseach Mr Enda Kenny nor the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Mr Richard Bruton are expected to visit this area, announcing new employment, in the near future. As for reigning politicians both in North and South Tipperary – best forget it, for surely they have forgotten Tipperary.


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