Irish Defence Forces Sanction New Recruits

DefenceForcesSanction has been granted for 400 new recruits to enter the Irish Defence Forces. Latter will return the Army, Navy and Air Corps back up to 9,500 personnel.

Irish Defence Minister Mr Alan Shatter has confirmed that recruitment will begin immediately and he aims to ensure the Defence Forces retain the maximum flexibility to undertake, in particular, challenging overseas missions.

Currently Irish troops are engaged in major missions abroad i.e. Lebanon and Syria and Ireland has military commitments in some 14 other different countries, the greatest ever level of international operations.

The new 400 recruit intake will be further supplemented by some 500 new recruits for inclusion in the Reserve Defence Forces.

This recruitment campaign has already been uploaded on the Defence Forces website, following recent re-organisation and retirements and online application forms are available, however no salary is disclosed.

The selection process is expected to begin within five weeks time.


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