Property Tax – Home Owners Take Note

For-Sale Take note “Home Owners,” those of you who may wish to pay their property tax (latter introduced by Fine Gael Minister Phil Hogan) in instalments next year, you are now being informed that you must confirm your method of payment within the coming weeks ahead.

The Revenue Commissioners, burdened with this collection, have confirmed that letters are being sent to known property owners to establish the number of people who want to pay the tax in 2014.

Anyone who decides to opt for Phased Payments next year will have to confirm their preferred method of payment by November 27th provided they are doing so via their computer on-line.

Of course, for those not computer literate and who may wish to communicate by paper correspondence, these persons will have less time to inform Revenue, their deadline is in just over two weeks time, on the 7th of November.


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