Fianna Fáil Receive Nomination Papers For Candidate Selection

FFailMembers of Fianna Fáil the Republican Party across the new Templemore-Thurles Electoral Area have received invitations and nomination papers for their Candidate Selection Convention for the 2014 Local Elections on the 15th October next in the Ragg, Thurles.

It’s understood that at the time of writing five candidates have been nominated to contest the Convention; sitting Cllrs. Michael Smith MCC, Seamus Hanafin MCC, John Hogan MCC and Gerard Fogarty MTC; and newcomer Jackie Cahill, former President of the ICMSA. There are also unconfirmed rumours of a candidate from the Moycarkey Cumainn.

Fianna Fáil HQ won’t confirm how many candidates will be selected until nominations close, although it is likely that they will run four. However, it is also likely that should a sitting Councillor lose their seat, that the Fianna Fáil Ard Chomhairle will add them to the ticket later.

To take the recent national tracking poll figures Fianna Fáil will have enough support for two quotas to take at least two seats, but have always polled well in these areas.

With the new membership system in Fianna Fáil, One Member One Vote, all fully registered members in the area are entitled to vote on Tuesday amounting to in excess of 300 delegates, which is one of the largest membership figures for an electoral area for Fianna Fáil in the country.


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