Thurles Shop Local – Tile Your Shower Area For Less Than €50

Tile your shower for less than €50.

Tile your shower for less than €50.

Sometimes when you are looking for a real bargain, there it is, stuck right under your very nose.

It was ‘Herself,’ that started this whole unnecessary ugly episode, what with her snobby sister-in-law coming to Thurles for the Ryan Gathering. (I will be dealing with that latter event, which is taking place here in Thurles, as soon as full details are released.)

Would you look at the state of that mouldy shower in our bathroom,” says she, “and our Britney coming down to stay this coming August.”

After 35 years of marriage you just know instinctively by ‘that look,’ that compromise is not going to be an option here. So to ensure that breakfast, dinner & tea would continue to be served promptly and with as little violence as one can hope to expect; with measurements on the back of my cigarette packet and a couple of fervent prayers said for Britney’s threatened imminent manifestation, off I set alone to find the wife’s accursed damned tiles.

Now if it is any help to you, a typical normal shower area (Unless of course you live in Britney’s ‘citadel’,) measures 800 x 800mm from the shower tray to the usual standard ceiling height of 2.5metres. It requires 40 tiles measuring 25 x 40cm, laid horizontally.

Having carefully calculated that 40 tiles x 25 x 40cm equates to 5.4 square yards, with an allowance of 5 extra tiles (12% for expected waste,) I headed for Pat Hickey Wall & Floor Specialists located here in Thurles.

Well to be honest it was Mick, (Herself doesn’t talk to Mick since that office party two years ago,) who informed me about Hickey’s Summer Sale Offer. Now on pain of death, do not mention this to ‘Herself,’ if you meet her, (She now wants a new matching shower curtain,) but I got the best of stuff for less than €50, or just €8.99 per square yard.

Check it out for yourself with Evelyn (Tel: 0504 – 28601) in the shop on Ikerrin Road, Thurles, (Beside the back gate of St Mary’s Church,) if you don’t believe me.

Seriously folks I tell you this, when Britney does arrive, new shower curtain or no, my very first conversation with that cow, will be me inviting her to use the bathroom.

Still one must always thank God for the easing of distress & pain, sure that’s the wife’s birthday gift now dealt with in advance for yet another year.

Roll on that Ryan Gathering in August.

Find Pat Hickey Tiles. (Wall & Floor Specialists.)

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