Government Announces €90 Million Leader Funding

ntlpThe Irish Government, through the Department of Environment, Community & Local Government, have announced the release of €90 million in funding through the LEADER elements of the Rural Development Programme 2007-2013.

Due to changes at European level, the approval of projects which were already in place under this programme had been halted, however the Government are now asking all Local Development Companies to authorise the issuing of contracts for projects which have the necessary approvals already in place & who are ready to proceed.

North Tipp Leader is to get €1.8 million while the South Tipperary Local Development Company has been allocated over €1.2 million.

Local Development Companies are being asked to strictly ensure that only the very best projects, likely to generate the highest impact, will be now put forward for this newly released European funding.

This money, spent correctly, should now facilitate access to sustainable employment opportunities for rural areas like Tipperary, thus supporting sustainable communities, while also enhancing rural economies for future business creation and development.

North Tipperary LEADER Partnership (NTLP) are just one of some 35 Local Development Companies who are contracted by the Department of Environment, Community & Local Government to deliver LEADER elements of this rural development programme.


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