Thurles Grow It Yourself March Meeting

giyKathleen Murphy Reports:
Thurles Grow It Yourself (GIY) are having their March monthly meeting on Thursday 14th March in the Cabragh Wetlands Centre at 7.30pm sharp.

Guest Speaker at next Thursdays meeting is Margaret Troy of ‘Troy and Edwards Garden Design and Landscaping,’ Cashel. Her topic of discussion for this meeting will be ‘Tree Pruning.’

Tree Pruning

A tree needs pruning for a variety of reasons; e.g. to remove diseased or storm-damaged branches, to shape same for design purposes, to remove obtrusive branches, to thin the crown thus permitting new growth and better air circulation or simply to reduce the height of the tree itself.

Fruit tree pruning, in particular, covers a number of horticultural techniques to control growth, to remove dead or diseased wood and of course stimulate the future formation of flowers and fruit buds for the coming year.

This upcoming GIY March meeting will therefore be of immense interest to many Tipperary amateur & professional gardeners, as Margaret shares (dare I say) the gleaned fruits of her large store of knowledge.

Tea/coffee will, as always, be available at the end of this March meeting and with same refreshments will come the usual friendly chat and the other gardening shared advice.


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