Tipperary North Gets New Mayor

The Annual Meeting of North Tipperary County Council took place here in Thurles on Monday last, June 25th 2012. The venue as usual was St. Patrick’s College.

Following this meeting Councillor Michael O’Meara was deemed elected as Mayor of North Tipperary for 2012/2013.  Councillor O’Meara, (Non-Party) who hails from Lorrha, was elected unopposed.

Councillor Pauline Coonan was elected as Deputy Mayor.

Councillor O’Meara takes over the position of Mayor from outgoing Councillor Micheál Lowry. Mayor O’Meara is married with three children.

In February of this year Councillor O’Meara expressed an open mind regarding the pumping of water from Lough Derg to Dublin. Instead calling for an independent environmental impact assessment by some organisation, other than Dublin City Council. He also then supported the idea of a “Rates Base,” in supplying any future water to Dublin, believing that North Tipperary County Council should be paid an annual fee by Dublin City Council for the use of any future water supplied from Lough Derg.

In April of this year Councillor O’Meara chaired a meeting in Lorrha, held by the Redwood Bog Turf Bank Owners, and urged those assembled to enter their submissions speedily to the Peatland’s Council before the due closing date. Redwood Bog, close to the village of Lorrha, is one of some 55 raised Irish bogs on which turf cutting is now banned, constituting “Special Areas of Conservation,” under present EU law.

Photo courtesy G.Willoughby


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