Phil Hogan’s Household Charge V Medical Card Waste

Proposed Marlborough St Bridge

Latest ‘Household Charge Data,‘ shows that less than 4 out of every 10 householders in County Tipperary have paid this inequitable charge and are now being branded by Phil Hogan as “Unpatriotic.”

The inequitable €100 levy has been paid by only 37% of the estimated 30,368 properties liable in South Tipperary and by just 39% of the estimated 24,839 properties in North Tipperary.

Donegal however is the most “Unpatriotic,” recording the lowest payment rate of just 27%. (Wicked spiteful people, that Donegal lot, then again, like Tipperary, maybe they have no services being provided either.)

Maybe Phil Hogan should ‘zip his lips,’ especially when people get around to reading Fiachra Ó Cionnaith‘s column in the Irish Examiner, dated 28th April, which demonstrates that Household Charges in theory, were not really necessary, had existing Medical Cards expenditures been investigated by our present government.

While our Household Charges were due to raise €160 million for certain Local Authorities, without any effort made to identify peoples ability to pay, Medical Cards for people who are dead, or have left the country or have no longer any entitlement to same, are costing the taxpayer as much as €210 million annually. It would appear that a full audit of all people who hold medical cards has not taken place, meaning it is not yet known exactly how many people still have cards, despite having died, left the country or being no longer eligible. Do the sums, €210 million wasted in one department, while in another department €160 million is demanded, using dictatorial bullyboy tactics.

Simply put, taxpayers are paying far more than they should, to provide medical cards to non existent or non entitled people, to the tune of €210 million, while we taxpayers are being asked for unnecessary and further inequitable taxes, because highly paid public servants are incapable of controlling major financial waste and leakage.

Hope our lack of ‘patriotism,’ doesn’t affect Dublin City Council’s new €15million Marlboro St bridge, being funded by the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport.  I wonder from whence they will be acquiring this money?  Yes of course, I forgot, it will come partially from us, the half-witted rural community.

When will rural Tipperary come out of it’s slumber and it’s elected politicians waken up?


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