Cloughjordan Ecovillage Experience

If all the year were playing holidays, to sport would be as tedious as to work.” – William Shakespeare. Well here is a new and unique way to work and play holiday and both at the same time.

Starting on April 20th 2012, a totally new type of ‘Weekend Away,’ will begin taking place here in North Tipperary over the coming months, presented by Sustainable Projects Ireland Limited.

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The Cloughjordan Ecovillage Experience Weekends

Our ecosystem consists of a delicate balance between animals, plants, land, atmosphere and water. To this end it is increasingly important that we have a full understanding of these very important components, on our planet.
We need oxygen to live, yet air pollution is an ever increasing problem and not just in our big cities.
Animals are an important part of our ecosystem and many of our animals are now endangered.
Our landfills leak dangerous chemicals into the ground and our illegal dumping continues to render land useless.
Our trees and plants are needed hold to our soil together, stopping erosion.
All life needs water to live, yet water pollution is a serious problem.

Cloughjordan Eco-Experience will now offer, over a series of weekends, its visitors, a unique opportunity to learn about Green Building, Renewable Energy, Plant life and Gardening.

Over the weekends of April 20th-22nd, May 25th-27th and June 22nd-24th, Cloughjordan Eco-Experience will offer a rich opportunity for you to learn about the many aspects of sustainable living and will give all participants an opportunity to take classes in subjects like Green Building Techniques, Renewable Energy, Food Growing and understanding of Ethical & Fairtrade.

During all of these events, participents can stay on site in Django’s EcoHostel, while you take part in a range of specially prepared tours, presentations, discussions and a real hands-on learning experiences.

Come on your own or come with friends and prepare to take away great ideas and insights back to share with your own community and be assured you will receive a warm welcome in the Ecovillage and from the wider Cloughjordan community.

For further info: Contact Tel: +353 (0)505-42833 or Email:


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