Michael Lowry Loses Sam Smyth High Court Case

Deputy M. Lowry

Mr Michael Lowry, Independent TD for North Tipperary, has lost his High Court case in securing a summary ruling in his defamation case over comments made by journalist Mr Sam Smyth which, Mr Lowry claimed, wrongly meant he was a thief.

The President of the High Court, Mr Justice Nicholas Kearns today rejected Mr Lowry’s claim that he was entitled to a summary order under the new Defamation Act 2009, on grounds that Mr Smyth had no arguable defence to the alleged defamation. Justice Kearns stated “On the contrary, it seems clear the defendant (Journalist Mr Sam Smyth) has a good arguable case in respect of both publications.

Justice Kearns also awarded costs against Mr Lowry in both the High Court and Circuit Courts.

Justice Kearns also stated that in relation to the alleged defamation on “The Vincent Browne Show,” he was satisfied Mr Smyth was entitled to argue the words “hand in till” may be taken as referring to tax fraud and bills inappropriately picked up for the benefit of Mr Lowry by business interests.


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