Tipperary Courts Cancelled Due To Judge Shortage

Nenagh Courthouse

The Chief District Court Clerk at Nenagh District Court office, Mr Martin Hanton, has given notice that some local court sittings are being cancelled in the towns of Roscrea, Nenagh and Thurles “due to the shortage of Judges“.

Judge Mary Martin, the current sitting Judge in this area, has been on leave for a number of months and her absence has forced the Courts Service to cancel some future sittings, as outlined hereunder:-

Cancelled: The Roscrea Court sitting scheduled for November 3rd.   Cases listed have now been adjourned to December 12th next. The sitting on November 9th is being added to the list for the sitting in Roscrea Town on December 14th next.
Cancelled: The Nenagh Court on November 4th has now been listed for the sitting in that town on November 25th next.
Cancelled: The Thurles Court on November 11th has been adjourned to the sitting in the town on November 22nd next.

Persons held in custody and due to appear at the Roscrea sitting on November 3rd and 9th, and Nenagh on November 4th, will now be brought before the Templemore Court, sitting on November 10th next.

Others in custody, due to appear at the Thurles Court sitting on November 11th, will now be brought before Nenagh Court on November 17th next.


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