Tipperary Water Issues and Policies

As you are aware, the European Union play a crucial role in deciding various water policies, ranging from flooding to water purity.

The EU now want to know your views, your concerns and your ideas on all issues relating to water, its supply, its pricing, its cleanliness and flooding.

To this end, a public consultation will take place at the Clonmel Park Hotel, Poppyfields, Clonmel on Friday, 21st October 2011 between 9.30 am and 1.00 pm.

Speakers from the Economic and Social Research Institute, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Office of Public Works and others will be joined by the members of the European Parliament for the South Tipperary constituency, namely Seán Kelly MEP and Phil Prendergast MEP.

To book your place, phone (01) 6057900 or e-mail

This event will be followed by lunch.


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