Thurles Coal Prices Slashed At Centenary Co-Op

We all remember the unprecedented cold weather experienced last January. For many consumers the rising cost of fuel prices is a cause of grave concern, as we head into the coming winter months. Cheer up folks, because we have got news for you.

As and from Monday morning next at 9.00am and available only while stocks last, Centenary Co-Op here in Thurles have reduced the price of their premium grade Polish coal to just €14.95 per single 40kg bag.

Well actually I have just done the sums and it gets even cheaper if you are prepared to buy in bulk, e.g. One tonne of coal, which is equal to 25 x 1 bags, will go on sale for €330.00 which is equivalent to €13.20 per each 40kg bag. If on the other hand you purchase a pallet containing 40 x 1 bags of coal, the cost is less again, just €525.00 or approx €13.125 per each 40kg bag.

Many households could find themselves financially unable to fork out €525.00 all in one go, so here is the trick to take full advantage of this great offer. Get together with three neighbours and buy, as a small Co-Op of four people.  You can do the sums yourself – €525.00 divided by 4 = €131.25 or ten bags of coal per household.

For those who use Briquettes in large quantities, there are huge savings here also, with bulk buying of 80 bales of Irish briquettes at €269.00 or €3.3625 per bail.

Note: All prices are cash collected and available only while stocks last, so take full advantage and save a considerable sum on your heating costs this winter. You can contact Centenary Thurles Co-Op, direct, during normal business hours, at Telephone:- 0504 21522.

Click on “Shop Icon” shown on the centre of map hereunder, for directions to Centenary Co-Op, Thurles.

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