Shannon Oaks Hotel Extensively Damaged By Fire

Shannon Oaks Hotel

There are no reports of any injuries or the cause of a fire which has extensively damaged the Shannon Oaks Hotel in Portumna, close to the Tipperary border in Co Galway.

The well known Hotel and County Club, situated on St Joseph’s Road and which overlooks the 1,500 acre Earl of Clanricarde estate, alerted the emergency services shortly after 1.00pm this afternoon.

Six units of the fire service from Galway and Tipperary arrived to the scene and some 60 employees and some 20 guests were evacuated.

A management spokesman said the hotel would be forced to remain closed for sometime, but that there was no immediate threat to the jobs of the present workforce.

It is believed that the fire was mainly confined to the kitchen area, where the blaze may have broken out, and the action of fire fighters successfully prevented the fire from spreading to the wings either side of this main blaze.

The emergency services obtained additional water supplies from the hotel swimming pool and the local Marina.

An investigation is now underway into the cause of this fire. The hotel is a particularly well know local wedding venue, servicing the counties of Galway, Tipperary and Limerick.


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