Tipperary Hurling Fans Sing Is Feidir Linn

New fighting words and music from Brian Corrigan, which will further assist fans in supporting our Tipperary Champions in their mammoth battle tomorrow against Kilkenny in Croke Park.

So all together now folks “Everyone in Tipperary Sing Is Feidir Linn”


Words to this lyric are supplied hereunder.

Everyone in Tipperary Sing “Is Feidir Linn.”

Kilkenny’s drive for five is forever gone.
Heroically they ended it, the boys from Slievnamon.
The blue and gold ribbon hang from the McCarthy Cup,
And be jasus Tipperary boys don’t want to give it up

I’m tellin you it’s so, the boys will have a go.
Come on Tipperary lets do the two in a row.
The boys in blue and gold, we know we’re going to win.
Everyone in Tipperary sing “Is Feider Linn.”

Brave and fierce and true and not an ounce of fear,
The boys from Tipperary we love this time of year.
In Croke Park in Dublin town, belief that is so strong.
All Ireland hurling final day, that’s where we belong.

Repeat chorus

From Nenagh town and Roscrea, they’ll answer the call,
And half of the Obamas from the town of Moneygall.
They’ll be cheerin for Tipperary, to shout and roar and sing,
The boys in blue and gold just say “Is Feidir Linn.

Repeat chorus

Up Tipp


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