Tipperary Mixed Fortunes In IBAL League

While most of Ireland has received a clean bill of health in the first round of the latest survey by Irish Business Against Litter (IBAL), Dublin has been slammed for its worst result in years. Large parts of our Capital City, including the approach roads from Dublin Airport as well as the North inner city, were found to be heavily littered, branding Dublin City as a “Litter Black-spot.”

The league table of just 53 areas across the country showed two thirds of towns and cities to be clean to European norms, among them the cities of Waterford, Galway and for the first time, Cork. Also for the first time since the League began, Killarney Co Kerry took the coveted accolade of cleanest town, with the An Taisce examiners calling it “A superb result for our No.1 tourist town.”

The cleanliness rating for the country as whole was the highest since IBAL began its surveys ten years ago, with over 20 towns deemed to be cleaner than their European equivalents.

Results for Tipperary, however, demonstrate mixed fortunes, in this IBAL Anti Litter League’s 1st Round Results for 2011, with the towns of Tipperary and Clonmel branded as “Littered.”

Congratulations however to the town of Nenagh, branded as “Littered,” in 2009, it has now greatly risen in the ranks and is now listed as “Clean to European Norms.”

Thurles Town did not come under the scrutiny of IBAL in their latest findings, however it was found “Clean to European Norms,” both in 2009 and 2010.

Source Of Irish Litter

Surprisingly Sweet wrappers were found to be the most prevalent source of national litter at 61%, not surprisingly Fast Food wrappers at 51%, Cigarette butts 45%, Plastic Bottles 36%, Chewing gum 34%, Plastic Bags 29%, Cans 26%, Glass Bottles 18%, Coffee Cups 14%, Dog fouling 11%, ATM dockets 10%, Bus / Train tickets 8%, Promotional flyer’s 8%.

Graffiti does not get a mention, however, IBAL has warned that the rise in vacant and derelict properties is contributing greatly to increases in litter and unsightliness in certain areas of the country.


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