Kathleen O’Meara Seeks Irish Presidential Nomination

Labour Party - Kathleen O'Meara

Tipperary communications consultant, journalist and former Senator Kathleen O’Meara is to seek the Labour Party’s nomination for the Irish Presidency. Kathleen (born 24th January 1960) is widely expected to formally launch her bid for the nomination later today.

Michael D Higgins and Fergus Finlay have also declared an interest in the Labour nomination, which is expected to be decided on June 19th next.

The 51 year old is a native of  Tipperary, a triplet, and the identical twin of journalist Aileen O’Meara.  A graduate of NUI Galway, before entering politics, she was an RTÉ journalist and served in the 21st and 22nd Seanads, elected by the Agricultural Panel. She has also worked as a freelance journalist and is now head of Advocacy and Communications with the Irish Cancer Society.

During her second term in the Senate (2002–2007) O’Meara came to national prominence as a health campaigner. She drove the Nenagh Hospital Action Group, as vice chairperson, latter being one of many groups formed to oppose recommended health policies contained in the Hanly Report and campaigned against the removal of emergency services from smaller general hospitals around Ireland.

Kathleen was an unsuccessful candidate for the Labour Party in the 2007 general election in Tipperary North, getting 10.3% of the vote. She did not contest the Seanad elections in the same year.

The presidential election itself, will not take place until this Autumn.


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