Shane McEntee Announces 2011 Forestry Premiums

Shane McEntee TD

Minister of State for Food, Horticulture and Food Safety Shane McEntee today announced the payment of the 2011 annual forestry premiums, which involve the payment of €56.2 million to just over 11,500 forest owners.

Under the Forestry Programme, forestry premiums are payable each year for twenty years as in the case of farmers and for fifteen years as in the case of non-farmers.

The Minister of State, who was recently assigned the portfolio on  forestry, stated that forestry provides a welcome income stream for owners, the majority of whom are farmers.  In addition to the amount received each year in premiums, forest owners can look forward to returns from thinning and the clear-fell of their particular plantation.

Forestry, is an indigenous industry, providing  a wider ranging and long term economic return through provides jobs, both directly and indirectly thus contributing to our export performance.  It also provides huge benefits to the environment and also provides recreation and amenity value to our society in general.


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