EPA Grants Acorn Recycling, Littleton, A Compost Licence

Acorn Recycling, located close to the village of Littleton, near Thurles, in Co Tipperary, is presently considered one of the most advanced composting facilities of its kind in both Ireland or Britain, with regard to the treatment and recycling of Biological Waste.

The company is now expected to expand its operations considerably further in the coming years, following the granting of a licence from the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and the Environmental Protection Agency, to produce a nutrient-rich compost.

The company just opened their €7 million, state-of-the-art plant last June 2010 and currently employ eight full time staff, in their present operation.

The Companies raw material, for the manufacture of this compost product, is derived from domestic organic waste bin collection and food waste residue. This raw material is treated at 70° Celsius, prior to curing and the scientific process effectively replaces the unwelcome use of landfill as a means of managing and disposing of such organic material, as in the past.

The company presently produces 13,000 tonnes of compost per year and sells this now odourless compost in bulk to customers who can collect directly from the plant, or in some cases the company will also deliver its product within a specified radius of the production plant itself.

This now easily affordable, high-end organic product is particularly suitable for use in horticulture, agriculture, domestic gardens and sports fields.

This news will be seen by environmentalists, nationally, as a welcome step forward in how we manage our Biodegradable Waste, currently coming daily from schools, hotels, canteens, restaurants and other food service outlets for disposal.


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