X Factor Bosses Think Ireland Has No Talent

Bosses on the UK X Factor talent finding show have confirmed that no Irish auditions will take place this year.

The word on the street is that X Factor bosses won’t hold trials in Ireland this year, as British music executive, television producer and entrepreneur, Simon Philip Cowell thinks Ireland has no talent.

There’s outright outrage as Irish fans are being told Cardiff is only a stone’s throw away and we’re being told to audition over there.The audition application deadline has passed, but you can still audition at nationwide open days. Just make sure you turn up at 9am at the following times and venues:

  • March 20th: Birmingham NEC
  • March 26th: Manchester Old Trafford Stadium
    (Metrolink has advised that there will be engineering works the weekend of the auditions, please make sure you look into alternative routes if you wish to come.)
  • April 9th: Cardiff City Stadium.

Maybe this small summary clip taken by me of Phoenix Productions at work at their recent ‘American Tea Party’ fund raiser, will whet his appetite.  The performers are all resident here in Thurles and can take on anything our Simon Cowell can put on show anytime.

Hello Simon Cowell, take off those sun glasses, accommodation and flights don’t come cheap and we don’t all enjoy the luxury and ownership of a private yacht!
We have a wonderful theatre over here in Thurles called The Source and we can let you have it for free for auditions if you have the stomach for it.

If the crowd gets too big, we can move up the road to Semple Stadium

Personally I believe Simon is afraid that the great talent that exists in Ireland, might affect his English acts and he is afraid when the Irish have a vote, same might just affect his little score sheets.
Take care Simon that we do not send some of out outstanding musical talent over to Cardiff City to prove how wrong you really are.
Probably not though, since the troupe will be in full rehearsals for their next production, which is Les Misérables. Such a pity really!

Then again, maybe RTE will rid us of that painful All Ireland Talent Show and replace it with a proper show, using a panel of judges who know something about music, instead of a panel of ‘self styled unqualified celebrities’ and one hit wonder merchants,’ who bore us to death every Sunday evening.


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