One Fianna Fáil Candidate For Tipperary North Election

Fianna Fáil

Fianna Fáil has decided to only run one candidate in the Tipperary North-South Offaly constituency, in next year’s general election following a meeting of the party’s representatives.

Following a party meeting in The Ragg, Thurles, delegates voted by a solitary vote, to put forward only one candidate in the upcoming election expected in February or March 2011.

Delegates debated the issue under two headings: (1)  proposal to allow three candidates to run or (2) proposal to allow a single name to be put forward on the party ticket.

The final decision came down to one vote, with the proposal to run one candidate just narrowly being agreed.

This now means that sitting North Tipperary TD, Maire Hoctor, and Fianna Fail county councillors, Michael Smith Jnr and John Hogan, look all set to contest the party nomination at the party’s re-scheduled selection convention on January 28th next.

Despite the fact that the Fianna Fail party is predicted to take a hammering in the up-coming General Election, it is difficult to see North Tipperary without a Fianna Fail representation, given the historical trend in the constituency.

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