Fuel Oil Theft On The Increase

Oil Tanks

Gardaí in Co Tipperary are urging the public to be on the alert, following a series of thefts over the past number weeks in the south of the country, in which thousands of euro of central heating oil was stolen from private homes and business premises.

Soaring fuel prices and a ready market are mainly to blame for the increase in such thefts.

Thieves are targeting holiday homes, along with houses where home owners are away for a short period of time. Most of these thefts are, however, from larger premises, such as schools and business premises, according to gardaí.

Gardaí are urging home owners and businesses to secure their tanks with, at the very least, a strong locking device. People are also being asked to consider installing sensor lighting, within the area of their fuel tanks, as part of their theft prevention system.

Rural homeowners, churches and farmers are particularly at risk from thieves due to the isolation, in a lot of cases, of fuel tanks.
Premises who feel threatened, can also acquire a small wireless transmitter, which can be placed inside the screw cap of their oil tank. The magnetic reed switch on this device ensures that if the cap is opened or tampered with, the homeowner will be alerted by an audible alert from the security system.

Other advanced alarm systems can include the activation of outside security lights and the sending of SMS text messages to a Alarm Receiving Centre.


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