Upperchurch Walking Festival Takes Place This Weekend

Winter Walking

Winter walking festivals have once more begun making their welcome appearance and where better to venture, for lovers of this healthy pastime, than Upperchurch, Thurles, Co.Tipperary this coming weekend, for their Annual Walking Festival.

Winter walking is all about exploring winter wonderlands and it is in this wonderful upland area that the winter hills continue to reward each visitor especially young families. Experience its pure bracing air, its striking views of mother nature in all her winter nakedness and all without any of the heroics and hardship often associated with this healthy pastime.

One of the main reasons people love winter walking is that it is so easy to get the hang of and anyone who has ever donned a pair of walking boots can pick it up straight away without any special lessons required.

Of course good shoes and socks are essential for this kind of outing. Shoes that stand up to mud and rain will keep you from the misery of damp cold feet that could eventually become cracked and sore, thus leading you to the foolish decision that, really, this healthy outdoor life may not be for you.

From my own experience ordinary walking shoes leak while a good pair of hiking boots keep your feet dry and also keep you from sliding in the sometimes mud, snow and ice. When buying always invest in a good lightweight boot that is just a bit larger than your normal shoe size.

With regard to clothing, do put on layers of same, for walking in the cold. In order to feel comfortable as your body adjusts to the outside air, your outside clothing can then easily be shed, should you start overheating. Very heavy wool sweaters will not always allow you to cool down enough while you walk, so if the temperatures rises as you progress, with layering you can take the outerwear off and tie it around your waist.

A hat is also essential to keeping in body heat and gloves are always very desirable, as is a camera for lovers of photography.  Indeed you are sure to come across a picture in this place of such wild and natural beauty.

So do head for the Upperchurch Hills this weekend not only for the walking, but also for the healthy atmosphere, the beauty and the freedom that abounds.  Also experience the warmth and friendliness of the local people you will meet should you stop off in the village for any type of food or beverage.

Tel: 0504-54284 or 086-0518934 or click here for further information.

The festival begins tomorrow Nov 5th and runs for 3 days and I know from first hand experience you will truly enjoy this trip.


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