Casting For Aspiring Thespians Scheduled For Today In Fethard

TV and silver screen actor Martin Sheen, star of ‘Apocalypse Now’, ‘Wall Street’ and ‘The West Wing , will be filming in Fethard, Co Tipperary, in the coming weeks in his latest movie, Stella Days.

McCarthy's Bar

Among the locations chosen for shooting this film are Fethard’s famous McCarthy’s Hotel, the local town hall and Holy Trinity Church.

McCarthy’s Hotel is well known the world over and has been filmed by Channel 4, BBC, Good Morning America, Sky News to name a few. Many well known personalities have visited McCarthy’s over the years including President Eamon De Valera, General Michael Collins, Mick Doyle, John Magnier, Vincent O’Brien, Robert Sangster, Julian Wilson, Lester Pigott, Richard Dunwoody, Adrian Maguire, Martin Pipe, Charlie Swan, Tommy Stack, Tommy Carberry, Alex Ferguson, Dr. A. J. F. O’Reilly, Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber and his brother Julian, Sir David Frost, Alan Parker, Rod Taylor, Angela Rippon, Peter Curling and of course Paul Carberry, latter the only jockey to ride into McCarthy’s Hotel on a horse.

McCarthy’s Hotel is also a place of interest for those who believe in ghosts and the supernatural. A sign was given before the deaths of the last generation of the McCarthy family, usually a picture falls from the wall for no apparent reason. Ghosts were spotted recently by Mark Lonergan and John O’Connor at night and by Ciarán Hayes in the afternoon. So if Martin Sheen should see somebody sitting quietly sipping a pint in the corner, he just might be the only one who can see him.

Crowd Scene Casting

Meanwhile, casting will takes place today, in Fethard, for the extras needed for some of the church and hall crowd scenes.

So all you aspiring thespians out there, as well as those out for a bit of craic, you are advised to attend the local ballroom today between 2pm and 8pm.

Break a leg everyone.


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