Minor Remediation Works To Begin At Silvermines

North Tipperary County Council have recently signed a contract with SIAC Construction for minor remediation works, as part of the ongoing Silvermines Rehabilitation Project.

The cost of the contract is understood to be  €593,967.91, excluding Vat and the remediation works are to be carried out at the historic mining sites at  Ballygown, Magcobar, Garryard, Gorteenadiha and Shallee, including the various segments.

Works include fencing of mine shafts and subsidence areas, demolition of derelict buildings, asbestos removal, mine shaft capping, drainage improvement works, minor earthworks and re-vegetation, erosion protection works, and other miscellaneous works that are required for the protection of the environment and human and animal health in the Silvermines  mining area.

The Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources, in 2005 made a total of €10.6m available for environmental remediation works in the old mining area of the Silvermines.

North Tipperary County Council is acting as Agent for the DCENR (Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources) in having the rehabilitation scheme executed.


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