Gun And Ammunition Go Missing From Tipperary Garda Station

The Garda Commissioner Fachtna Murphy has appointed Chief Superintendent Michael McGarry from the Co.Kilkenny Garda division, to investigate the disappearance of a firearm and ammunition from Tipperary Garda Station.

The revolver, an American .38 calibre Smith and Wesson, along with possibly up to 60 rounds of ammunition, was found to have vanished from a secured firearms area during an audit last week.

A Garda spokesman last night confirmed the gun and ammunition were both missing and confirmed that a senior garda had been appointed to investigate the gun’s disappearance.

It was also confirmed that the revolver was a standard garda issue weapon and belonged to the station and that a limited number of gardaí are responsible for accessing the weapon and issuing it to garda personnel.

It is understood the gun held at Tipperary would have been accessible to gardaí from several nearby Garda Station.

While at least six rounds went missing with the loaded weapon, initial inquiries now suggest that at least 60 rounds or possibly more are now also missing.

The investigation follows confirmation by Justice Minister Dermot Ahern that sensitive Garda files on a number of gang members were brought to a photocopying shop for printing and were left unattended for some period of time.


Feel safe in your beds folks, the missing gun and ammunition has been found safe and well. Reports indicate that the missing articles were in another secure area that everyone had forgotten about and the auditors did not know existed.


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