Beware Misleading Discount Marketing Strategy

Laminate Flooring

Consumers please do beware of marketing strategy currently at large.  We must all learn that promised 50% discounts by leading retailers should immediately beg the question in our minds as interested consumers “50% of what initial starting price?“.

Allow me to give you an example of this current marketing strategy of which I speak, and by doing so demonstrate, at first hand, the importance of always shopping local, when ever possible.

New discount sales advertised on television by Noyeks, Ormonde Business Park, Kilkenny, offering 50% discount on Laminate Flooring, is not the real bargain it might first appear to be.

A call by phone today to Noyeks, Kilkenny requesting a price for Commercial Laminate Flooring for 3 x 10ft x15ft bedrooms, revealed a quote price of €520 if collected from their store.

A similar call by phone today to Stakelums Homevalue Hardware Racecourse Retail Park, Nenagh Road  here in Thurles requesting a price for Commercial Laminate Flooring for 3 x10ft x15ft bedrooms revealed a quote price of €459.76 with the product delivered to your door.

This, for me, represents a saving of €60.22, plus €10.00 in fuel costs, plus a two hour return journey from Thurles. Both products are the same good quality and Stakelums have no Discount Sale running presently.

Makes you think, no?.  I felt like parking my cement truck in their front gates.

Note: I did not have the time to contact other quality Thurles suppliers like Pat Hickey, Ikerrin Rd,Thurles or J.Ronayne, Arro Home and Garden, Dublin Road, Thurles for their price.

However this is further proof that it pays to ‘Shop Local’ my friends, so always check it out first.


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