Some Barbie Dolls Are Expensive

Barbie and Ken

It was for Percilla, his young daughter, who was celebrating her tenth birthday, that Dad, Frank, was frantically trying to find a birthday present, on his way home from work, before joining the special birthday celebrations.

He enters a local toy shop and beckons the sales assistant, who was busy texting on her mobile phone.

Frank: “Excuse me Miss, how much for one of those Barbie Doll things you have on display in your front window?”

Sales Assistant: “Which one do you mean, Sir?  We have ‘Beach Barbie’ for €19.99, ‘Work Out Barbie’ for €19.99, ‘Shopping Barbie’ for €19.99,  ‘Nurse Barbie’ for €19.99, ‘Disco Barbie’ for €19.99, ‘Ballerina Barbie’ for €19.99, ‘Politician Barbie’ for €19.99, and a ‘Divorced Barbie’ for a mere €249.99.”

Frank: (Looking slightly bewildered asks) ” Why is ‘Divorced Barbie’ at €249.99 so expensive and the others are only €19.99?”

Sales Assistant: (Knowingly rolling her eyes to heaven and sighing heavily, announces)  “Sir..Sir..Sir, You don’t understand,  ‘Divorced Barbie’ comes with extra accessories:- Ken’s House, Ken’s Mercedes, Ken’s Yacht, Ken’s Antique Furniture, Ken’s Dog, and Ken’s Best Friend.”


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