A Message For Leaving Cert Students

Irish Leaving Certificate Students got their long awaited results last week.
Helplines were very busy over the past few days as nervous students and their parents called to consult with guidance counsellors manning telephones and offering future hope and assistance.

Per reports approximately 4,000 ordinary level student callers have failed mathamatics. This has left them with very limited college options in 2010.

Another huge issue of concern for many other callers was the level of points needed for all hoped for courses next Monday. Points are set to increase for many courses, particularly in the medical and other related areas. But points are also set to fall for courses linked to the building industry, for architecture and for law.

However for many, an anxious few days lie ahead, as they await the publications of the college place offers from the CAO,expected next Monday morning at six o’clock.
For those of you who are anxious or feeling let down by life take a look at this video.

Sometimes, in life, it is necessary for a man with no shoes to meet a man with no feet.
So if you don’t attain, immediatly, your hoped-for expectations, don’t worry, pick yourself up and give it another go.
You will succeed if you follow that which you hold passionate, so dream big.


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