Phoenix Productions Recipe – Oliver Highlights

Phoenix Production – Oliver Highlights 2010 from George Willoughby on Vimeo.

The recipe for any outstanding musical performance, guaranteed to pack a theatre every night, is really quite simple.

1 X Aishling Doyle (Director/Choreographer). 1 X David Wray (Musical Director). 1 X Gerard O’Brien (Producer). 1 X Trevor Killeen (Production Manager). 1 X Gerry Taylor (Lighting Designer). 1 each X Siobhan King and Mairead Hackett (Dance Captains). 1 X John O’Donoghue (Stage Design). 1 each X Alan Butler and Jack Rossiter (Stage Managers). 1 X Star Systems (Sound). 60 X 1 X Talented Youngsters (Cast)

Mix the above ingredients together into a fine paste.
Sprinkle with a fine mixture of locally trained, talented and dedicated Make Up Artists, Stage Constructors and clever General Go – Fors, and stirr well and continuously for six weeks.
Cook’s note:
The result is an outstanding musical theatre production called “Oliver” worthy of playing in London’s West End or on New York’s Broadway.
Our video above, prepared earlier, demonstrates a few of the personalities and highlights and out sincerest congratulations to all those talented individuals involved.


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