The Leinster House Gravy Train At A Glance

The Dail in Summer

Interested in what we pay our Public Representatives?

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Having read the allowances claimed, hereunder, think of the money we could save if we gave them access to houses in one of the many “Ghost Estates” which we, as taxpayers, were forced to purchase recently and now hold title?

Dual Abode Allowance.
A Minister or a Minister of State, may claim for a second residence. The allowance is confined to office holders who represent constituencies outside Dublin. The dual abode allowance is paid on owned, rented or hotel accommodation and covers  mortgage and interest repayments, solicitors and auctioneers fees together with all maintenance costs including light, house insurance, house repairs and heating costs.

Constituency Office Maintenance Allowance.
An allowance of €8,888.17 is paid to Deputies who have constituency offices. This allowance is paid to cover all rates, rent, light, heat and utilities in the said offices. Payment is made on production of a signed declaration that the Deputy is incurring such expenses in maintaining his/her constituency office.

Constituency Office Grant.
A grant of €8,888.17 is paid on a once off basis, but only when  first elected. This is to enable the Deputy to equip a Local Constituency Office.

Telephone Allowance.
An annual allowance of €6,348.69, unvouched, is paid to all Deputies from the date of their election to the Houses of the Oireachtas. An annual allowance of €4,761.52 is paid to Senators. This allowance is to cover all telephone costs incurred by a Member in the course of his duty. Mobile phones are paid on production of an original receipt from the Service Provider, but members must purchase their own  mobile phone and are refunded to the  maximum of €750 every 18 months.

Miscellaneous Expense.
An Annual allowance, unvouched, of €5,489.08 goes to Deputies and €4,112.68 goes to Senators.

Constituency Travel Allowance.
There are three constituency bands (a) €2475, (b) €5,489 and (c) €8,782. These payments, unvouched, are based on the size of the constituency from which a Deputy becomes elected.

Inform me if I got the figures wrong, meanwhile think about my idea, regarding future use for “Ghost Estates”. Lets get a return on our property investments.


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