Planning On Affecting The Lives Of Others This Weekend?

Another week gone bye, another unacceptable number of road death, another number of family and close friends in shock and mourning loved ones, another local community speechless and brought to tears.

This coming bank holiday there is every chance you will possibly be responsible for all of the above, because you have refused to embrace life and all it has to offer, because you wanted to impress friends, because you believe your vehicle is a Ferrari and you are Fernando Alonso taking part in the Bahrain Grand Prix.

The video hereunder is one of the most moving commercials I have ever seen, yet not a word is spoken and it says just about everything needed to be said, to those out motoring this coming weekend.

This video does not attempt to scare, there is no blood or mashed metal, but hopefully it will make you think and be inspired with regard to your motoring behaviour.


A total of 28 people have died, 50 have been seriously injured and an average of 1500 close relatives and friend’s lives have been ruined, in bank holiday crashes since 2005.

Heed the speed- Arrive Alive.”


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