€800-000 Allocation Agreed For Thurles Area Roads

Forgive me if I am wrong, but I think this country may be secretly headed for an imminent General Election. I base my statement on the fact that eight stretches of forgotten roadway,  in the surrounding Thurles area, have been immediately earmarked for re-surfacing by North Tipperary Co Councils engineers.

This work is expected to get underway in the near future at an estimated cost of €808,000 and a sure sign that votes may be needed.

I understand that areas to benefit from these reconstruction projects include a 2km stretch of road at Galboola, Littleton – estimated cost €112,022 and a section of the Thurles to Newport road near Ballynahow – estimated cost €231,782. This latter upgrade will, I have no doubt, greatly assist those attempting to move their loved ones, urgently in need of medical attention, the forty miles to Limerick General Hospital, without breaking a rear axle.

Other areas earmarked are Borrisoleigh – at Pallas Lower and Cooldery, and at Cassestown, Moyne, latter which is almost impassible presently.

Two-Mile Borris also gets a mention, with work soon to be carried out on the stretch from the National School to the speed limit signs, a sure sign (Pardon the Pun) that the planned Casino venture may be getting the thumbs-up in the near future.

TD’s and County Councillors of all Political Parties have already begun checking out the voters register for addresses of known local residents in these areas, so you can expect the customary official Dail Eireann letters, highlighting their personal and strenuous efforts in getting this work undertaken, and welcoming  the engineers decision on your behalf.

Suggested road sign for dogs who can't read

Meanwhile, it is definitely mid March. Traditionally, March is the month when headline grabbing local Councillor’s thoughts turn to “Dog Poop”  in order to get media attention and is declared the number one social menace.

However if one councillor gets his way this will no longer be a problem here in Thurles, as he intends to erect signage in dog fouling black spots within the town. Personally I must admit I was totally unaware that dogs could read, however, I would be the first to acknowledge I’m a bit out of touch these days.

Thinking deeply about this  problem, as I am wont to do, I now ask the question:  ‘Could this poop be used to fill the thousands of growing potholes around the town centre or repair some of our dangerous footpaths? Mind you, this is just my own meanderings and has no basis in any known scientific trials, so far as I am aware.  Still it’s an idea worth examining.

Talking of Councils what happened the ‘Report of the Special Group on Public Service Numbers and Expenditure Programmes‘, undertaken by Mr C. Mc Carthy.  The words “Rationalise the number of local authority structures into a single tier by discontinuing town councils and regional authorities, and reduce the remaining single tier from 34 city and county councils to 22 local authorities.” still keeps ringing in my ears.


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