FSAI Announce Food Allergen Alert Service

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) have announced that it is now providing a new free email and SMS text service which will directly inform food allergy sufferers of the presence of allergens in inappropriately labelled foods. Anyone with an interest in this area can now subscribe to this email service here (Click on the Food Allergen Alerts Box before submitting.) to receive these alerts via the FSAI’s website.

Food allergen alerts will be issued by the FSAI upon receipt of information that a food product poses a risk to certain consumers’ health, due to missing or incorrect allergen labelling.

Food allergen alerts will also be issued to enforcement officers and food businesses. This service has been available since January 26th 2010.

Professor Alan Reilly, Chief Executive, FSAI, stated:

“The ultimate objective of this new notification system is to prevent people who have an established food allergy from purchasing or consuming a food product which may be detrimental to their health. We are also calling on all food manufacturers and processors to regularly review the composition of their final product and ensure that the presence of an allergen is clearly visible on the food label.”

By law, the food manufacturer must also clearly indicate on the label, the name of the ingredient from which the allergen originates.


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