Video – Snowing On The River Suir

It’s snowing on the river Suir and at this time of year our bird life take a back seat because they don’t get a handout when they so need it.

Our feathered friends try to scratch an existence under every bush for a meal and with the current prevailing weather conditions there is a shortage of food, due to the freezing snow covered ground, so they do need some help from you.

When it gets cold, birds need energy in the form of seeds and fat to keep them warm. Giving them food and ensuring they eat enough of it will build them up and help them maintain necessary adequate fat supplies. For birds the food and water provided in gardens can be the difference between life and death.

When temperatures fall below freezing, birds struggle to find the food they need to survive the winter in healthy conditions, vital for breeding in spring.

View this high definition video shot by Brian Corbett yesterday, entitled “Snowing At River”, which highlights the extreme conditions experienced by bird life along the River Suir, here in snow bound Thurles.

Snowing At River from Brian Corbett.

During cold snaps birds are more likely to seek sanctuary in gardens and providing food like meal worms, fatballs, crushed peanuts, dried fruit, seeds and grain can help them survive.

Freezing weather is a potential death sentence for many birds but by feeding the birds in your garden you can help them survive the worst of this winter weather. Just a little water, food and shelter can turn a garden into a vital haven for birds in the freezing winter months.

Remember, feeding birds is an easy way to start teaching children about wildlife. Providing food and water brings them closer for us to marvel at their exciting behaviour and wonderful colours.

Please feed the birds, and they will reward you  by reducing your garden insect pests come Springtime.


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