Cheapest Coal In Thurles

A Warm Coal Fire

With the prevailing current freezing weather conditions comes an increased demand on fuel. Those of you who enjoy the heat and the sight of a nice red coal fire at night  may in this uncertain climate be interested to know that there is a significant price difference in fuel prices in Thurles.

A 40KG bag of Polish coal can vary from €18.00 to €20.00 per bag depending on where purchased.

In a quick survey carried out by we are happy to inform you that high quality Polish coal is now available from Thurles Co-Op Creamery premises (Centenary Thurles Stores Ltd, Tel:0504-91923) for a limited period while stocks last, for the reduced price of €14.00 – €15.00 per bag, depending on the amount purchased.

Note, the average Irish house hold in winter burns almost 120KG of coal per week or three large bags. This deal can now save the consumer between €9.00 and €12.00 per week, and any car boot can accommodate three 40KG bags with comfort. For you ladies doing business at the Centenary Stores, Mr Garry Ryan is always on hand to load your car so no heavy lifting is required.

Home Co-Operatives:

With the present downturn in the economy consumers and unemployed persons must now begin to look at forming small Co-Operatives when purchasing items such as fuel.  By small co-operatives I mean three or four houses coming together to purchase large quantities to obtain the best possible price.
Example: Based on the above prices 25 x 1 x 40KG bags of coal (1 Ton) @ €14 = €350. Purchasing individual bags when needed at €18 per bag works out at 25 x 1 x 40KG (1 Ton) @ €18 = €450, a massive saving of €100 in fuel costs to three or four houses who would operate a small purchasing Co-Operative in this way.

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