Tipperary Milk Suppliers Get October Price Lift

Milk prices in Tipperary strengthen with Co-ops increasing prices to suppliers for both their September and October deliveries.

Following a board meeting on Friday last, Tipperary Co-OpMilk have confirmed that they will pay 24.5 cents per litre VAT inclusive, from October, representing an increase of 2.9 cents per litre.

Outside the meeting more than 150 of the Co-Op’s suppliers protested, calling on the board to retrospectively pay a top-up on September supplies and to increase October returns.

The Arrabawn Group in Nenagh are also to raise its milk price for the month. After a board meeting on Monday the Co-op confirmed that it is to pay 24.83cents per litre VAT inclusive, for all October supplies.

Centenary Thurles has also raised its October price and will pay 22.81cents per litre VAT exclusive. This represents an increase of 2cents per litre on the September price.

Reacting to the market trends, the EU Dairy Management Committee has said that 51,000 tons of butter and 65,000 tons of skimmed milk powder will be released from intervention for various charity schemes.


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